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This is the website of Hannah Alexander!

Join us as we give you a glimpse into our world of small-town charm in the Ozarks, complete with the healing touch of prayer.

We have enjoyed meeting readers from all over the world who have a fascination for fiction with a little medical suspense and romance. Why don't you join us in beautiful southwestern Missouri and northwestern Arkansas, and see if the pace doesn't keep you reading, maybe even keep your heart pumping a little faster than normal.

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Dandelion Moon

by Hannah Alexander
December 2014

In Book 2 of the Hallowed Halls series, when Dr. Myra Maxwell finds herself stumbling through the darkness of a cemetery on a cold winter night, she realizes she doesn't recognize a thing, and doesn't recall how she arrived here. As Christmas fireworks begin, they frighten her. She doesn't know who she is, where she is, or why she's here. She diagnoses herself as a patient in a fugue state, most likely from some horrible experience her mind is working to force her to forget. But why?

Weston Cline is frantic about the woman he loves. She left her psychiatry clinic in the middle of the day on Christmas Eve, and he's heard nothing from her since. When he makes a call to her hometown of Juliet, Missouri, he catches a word or two that convinces him she's retreated to the place she feels safest, and he is determined to drive there tonight and protect her. Unfortunately, her friends, Drs. Joy Gilbert and Zachary Travis are determined to keep Weston away from Myra. He's shown his true colors in outrageous ways in the past year, and they don't want to risk her emotional well-being with his presence. Too bad, because he's going anyway, and he will stand firm with her.

Set at Christmas, Dandelion Moon might well give holiday celebrants a chance to root for the true meaning of Christmas to show itself at least one more time, and to find that miracles really do happen.

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Collateral Damage book CoverCollateral Damage

by Hannah Alexander
June 2014


Was the explosion that took the lives of Sarah Russell’s parents an act of murder? Her teenage daughter thinks so and is determined to seek answers in the sleepy small town where Sarah grew up. Sarah fears the teen will uncover a secret she’s not ready to share: everyone, including Sarah’s daughter, believes the girl is Sarah’s kid sister. Even the child’s father doesn’t know the truth. But as Sarah reunites with Nick Tyler to look into the mysterious deaths, she knows he’ll have to tell him—and their daughter—the truth. Yet someone wants to ensure that no one uncovers any long-buried secrets.

ISBN-13: 9780373446025
Publisher: Love Inspired
Publication date: 6/3/2014
Series: Love Inspired Suspense Series

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